Miki Yui

A young woman is sitting at a table in front of some technical devices. She's creating electronic music.
Year of birth, place
1971, Tokyo, Japan
Artist and composer Miki Yui was born in Tokyo in 1971 and studied art and audio / visual media in Tokyo, Cologne and Düsseldorf, where she is living today. Since 1998 she has been working with "small sounds" – that is how Miki Yui refers to her art, as she interweaves different types of sound fragments to complex soundscapes. During this process she works with the smallest particles and grains of the everyday acoustic perception. Miki Yui plays sampler, electronics, as well as solar oscillators. Her works are represented at numerous exhibitions and concerts in Europe and Japan, further she developed productions for the WDR Studio Acoustic Art and released various recordings.