Monika Bielskyte


"Creative director & strategist in the intersection of culture & technology. Focus on immersive media technologies & new, digital formats of reality (AR/VR/MR).
Also, nomad, connector, public speaker. In 2016 I spoke & moderated panels at SXSW, IDEO, NEW MUSEUM. My talks as well as consulting are always about bridging technological advance with creativity it should facilitate. Exploring how people perceive the future around the globe, making sense of this multiplicity of vision, & helping to prototype the possible futures is what I do: visual futurism & world design in the context of bleeding edge of scientific discovery, but also political, social, environmental innovation. Diversity & sustainability in our creative thinking & building is what I am most passionate about. I want to see entertainment morph into edutainment. I want to participate in designing ideas, content & experiences so compelling, that they bleed back to reality to make our future a more inspiring space to exist in. There's nothing I love more than building bridges where there were once walls - between cultures, disciplines, generations & nothing is as rewarding as connecting people & sparking conversations that turn into collaborations where sum is more than its parts. Past work/clients include: ACURA, ALEX MCDOWELL / 5D INSTITUTE, ASTON MARTIN, CERN, CISCO, INTEL, HANSON ROBOTICS, LANVIN, MJZ, NIKE, RESET CONTENT, RICK OWENS, RIDLEY SCOTT ASSOCIATES, RUPERT SANDERS / GHOST IN THE SHELL / DREAMWORKS, SAMSUNG. Background in photography & branding. 2008-2013 co-founder & editor-in-chief of an international arts, design & luxury publication SOME/THINGS, available in 30 countries. The agency of eponymous name that I served as a creative director for had a vast range of clients from INTEL to RICK OWENS. Currently developing AFE - documentary+VR series & digital platform focused on innovation, as well as marketplace for future products & experiences".

[Monika Bielskyte, 2016]