Răzvan Ion

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Dr Răzvan Ion is an intersectional innovator, academic curator, tech queer activist and professor of critical thinking. He is known for leading the DerAffe Vienna team in creating A.I. JARVIS, the first artificial intelligence curator based on the GPT-4. Founder of Pavilion Art Center, Pavilion Journal, Bucharest Biennale and queer platform www.GAY45.eu. Held positions as an associate professor and lecturer at several institutions, including the University of California, Berkeley; University of Vienna; Lisbon University; Central University of New York; University of London; a.o., where he taught Curatorial Studies and Critical Thinking. He has held conferences and lectures at various art institutions such as Witte de With in Rotterdam; Kunsthalle Vienna; Art in General in New York; Calouste Gulbenkian in Lisbon, a.o.  His upcoming book »The key to augmented education: data analytics« is scheduled for publication in 2024. Lives and works in Vienna