Sara Morais dos Santos Bruss

Portrait of Sara Morais dos Santos Bruss

Sara Morais dos Santos Bruss is a cultural and media theorist, researcher, and curator for scientific, digital and media practices at HKW, Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin. Sara works on intersections of feminist and anti-colonial art and political practices, digital technologies, and narrations of (human and non-human) subjectivity and relationality. Together with Michael Klipphahn and Ann Katrin Koster, Sara has edited two volumes on the question of Queer AI: »Queere KI: Zum Coming Out Smarter Maschinen« (transcript: 2022) and »Queer Reflections on AI. Uncertain Intelligence« (Routledge 2023). Sara’s first monograph, »Feminist Solidarites after Modulation« (punctum 2023), looks at identity and the body as they are shaped by - and inhabit technologies, in a long history of the Deleuzian concept of modulation, which Sara traces back to the moment of settler colonization. Sara is a member of diffrakt. Zentrum für theoretische Peripherie and an editor at