Sophia Mitiku

Portrait of Sophia Mitiku
At the ZKM
  • 2023

Sophia Mitiku is an artist who is easily recognizable by her explorative sound, gravitating between experimental R’n’B and avant-pop. The songstress fluently crafts a liminal space of dream-like musical segments in saturated yet tender serenades of fragmented realities.

Her debut album »Copacabana« enamored listeners and critics alike, by which she was nominated for Indie Award as newcomer of the year. In the record she navigates between twilight worlds of loss and longing, memory and fantasy, the glitch of nostalgia - a requiem for love. Mitiku’s performances are known for her theatrical approach to musical storytelling, often breaking the wall between herself and the audience. By blurring the boundaries of the stage, she opens a dialogue with the listener - tempering melodramatic climaxes with intimate moments with her audience. Mitiku creates a »pop sensibility that doesn’t scream for attention, but earns it through sonic seduction« (Solstice Festival). Sophia Mitiku is currently working on her sophomore album »all sickness is homesickness«.