Sture Johannesson

Year of birth, place
1935, Vinslöv, Sweden
Sture Johannesson self-taught, worked in the graphic arts (1955–1959) and as a photographer (1959–1961). 1970–1974 collaboration with Sten Kallin, IBM, on computer graphics experiments, the “Intra Secus” project. 1978–1985 collaboration with Ann-Charlotte Johannesson on “The Digital Theater” project, the first Apple II-based microcomputer graphics studio in Scandinavia. 1986–1998 collaboration with Sten Kallin on the EPICS Project (Exploring Picture Space). He lives in Skanör, SE.
Exhib.: 1973, »Circuit«, Bloomfield Art Association, Birmingham, MI, USA.
Lit.: S. J. and Sten Kallin, »Computed Art. Beraeknad Konst«, Intra Secus, Malmö, 1974.