Valérie Perrin

Since 2007 Valérie Perrin, a philosophy graduate, has been director of the Espace multimédia gantner (Bourogne, FR) and has also helped plan and mount numerous exhibitions and programmes of music and experimental film, including the Festival Impétus (Belfort, FR), C’est dans la Vallée (Sainte- Marie-aux-Mines, FR), Shift (Basel, CH), and WRO art center (Breslau, PL). At the Espace multimédia gantner, she has published several works in partnership with Les presses du réel, including »Le Langage des nouveaux médias« by Lev Manovich (2010), »Peter Vogel. Partitions de réactions« (2009), and »Paul Sharits« (2008) as well as the collection’s catalogue. She has been responsible for many exhibitions, articles and podcasts on digital art practice.