Peter Weibel and Matthias Gommel: FLICK_KA

30.08.–26.09.2015 & as part of the Best of Show

 The facade of Karlsruhe´s Castle is projected with many passport photographs of various people.
The ZKM project »FLICK_KA« has been specially expanded for the »Schlosslichtspiele« to include a projection that focuses on the audience’s active participation.

As a reaction to the popular photography sharing site »«, Peter Weibel and Matthias Gommel began in 2007 to develop the idea of creating an independent photography collection. Using a photo booth or the Internet, everyone has since been able to upload his or her portrait to the specially created website

Beginning in August, this photo booth will be installed on the Palace yard so that spectators at the Schlosslichtspiele can take photographs of themselves on site. These pictures will be projected onto the Palace façade, thereby delivering twofold on the democratic promise of photography: Now everyone can become the subject of a portrait, and can become an image producer – which was once a privilege reserved to the aristocracy and church dignitaries. The pictures created in this way are storming the Palace, the symbol of monarchy.

Project team

Art direction Peter Weibel, Wien (AT) and Matthias Gommel, Karlsruhe (GER)
Coordination Jan Gerigk
Software development Nikolaus Völzow
Technical support Manfred Hauffen

Partners & Sponsors

»Schlosslichtspiele«: A project by Stadtmarketing Karlsruhe in cooperation with ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe. Supported by Sparda Bank Baden- Württemberg eG.