Early Video Art on Video

Record(ing)s of ways to present and disseminate video works

"Portable Video. A Radical Software State-of-the-Art Report", in: »Radical Software«, Vol. 1, Nr. 3, 1971, illustration

Towards the end of the 1960s portable video became widely available, which made it possible to record tapes without too much technical expertise and financial expenditure. Fascinated by the new technology and the artistic possibilities it afforded, artists began to experiment with video equipment. The ways in which early video artists sought reach an audience – with exhibitions, through television or a newsletter – have also been captured on video. The students will work with this kind of material from the ZKM’s video archive and contribute to completing their records by researching the documented exhibitions, TV programs, people and artworks, writing short descriptions and entering our results into the ZKM’s archive data base.