24.07.–14.08.2015 / 30.08.–04.09.2015 & as part of the Best of Shows

A grid is projected on the Karlsruhe palace

A projection as part of »Schlosslichtspiele«

The projection »noise3« combines architecture with the sounds of the Karlsruhe Palace to create a synesthetic composition, transforming the building into an audiovisual instrument. The sound has been recorded in advance: hands, drumsticks, violin bows, and small hammers were used to make the building’s columns, windows, and doors vibrate; they were then played like instruments.

The usual sounds of the building interior (the ticking of clocks, switches, motion inside the exhibition) have also been collected. Just as a composition has been created through these sounds, the projection is sampled from architectural elements.

Duration: about 10 minutes

Trailer & Documentation

  • Trailer

    The trailer of the projection »noise³« by on youtube…

  • Documentation

    The documentation of the projection »noise³« by on vimeo…

Project team

Creative Direction, AnimationPhilip Modest Schambelan, Dresden (DE)
Creative ConsultingMichał Banisch, Dresden (DE)
Management, AnimationKristian Andresen, Dresden (DE)
Soundselector and MusicJarii van Gohl, Dresden (DE)
Freelance Collaboration, AnimationAnton Fromm, Berlin (DE); Roland Eisert, Frankfurt a.M. (DE)

Partners & Sponsors

»Schlosslichtspiele«: A project by Stadtmarketing Karlsruhe in cooperation with ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe. Supported by Sparda Bank Baden- Württemberg eG.