Understanding programming with Calliope mini

School Workshop

Photo of three young girls each holding a Calliope mini circuit board in front of their face.

Book a workshop for school classes on a date of your choice.

From grade 3 onwards, Duration: 3 hours, max. 7 participants, Costs: 158 €, Language: German

Creative programming (coding) has become extremely easier in recent years. The experimental board Calliope mini offers pupils the opportunity to develop technological knowledge and IT practice in a playful way. Creative projects, such as luminous, singing or moving smileys, are realized for this purpose.

Among other things, it fits in with the educational program of all types of schools in the subjects of computer science, fine arts and the basic course in media education.

The motion sequences of drawn and cut-out images or image collages are not filmed in real time in an animated film as in a feature film, but captured frame by frame.

The video art works of the collection exhibition make use of this animation technique and many other artistic design possibilities. The versatile forms of expression inspire the viewer to create their own poetic and aesthetic images, which combine to form an animated film – with little technical effort.

In keeping with the educational plans of all types of schools in the subjects of fine arts, the basic course Media Education


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