Visitor success in Indian Mumbai

1.1 million visitors are amazed by the ZKM appearance in Mumbai

Open Codes. The Art of Coding

1.1 million visitors watch the light installation »Light Cube« by Felix Held, Rainer Kehres, Christian Lölkes, Lívia Nolasco-Rózsás, Simon Terzenbach and Clemens Wallrath at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival – a great success for the ZKM in India!

With »Open Codes. The Art of Coding« the ZKM gave visitors in India an insight into new creative processes that arise for artists through the tool »Code«. The works exhibited at the Goethe-Institut showed practical applications and formulated a definition of the new digital cultural technique. In February 2019 13,000 visitors admired our travel version of »Open Codes« at the Goethe-Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan in Mumbai.

Workshops, actions and presentations in the open air

But not only art works were presented: in cooperation with the Karlsruhe-based initative »Entropia e.V. – Chaos Computer Club«, the ZKM organized numerous workshops and activities: Participants not only embroidered their own garments using code, but also built colorful light sculptures with the Karlsruhe light artist Rainer Kehres, which were presented to the Goethe Institut on the occasion of the street festival Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. Kehres light curtain »Space Invaders« already decorated the foyer of the ZKM and caused enthusiasm among Karlsruhe visitors.

Algorave performances, a film screening and a workshop in which participants built their own air measurement sensors and recorded air pollution in Mumbai also arose great interest among Indian visitors. 

»'Open Codes' is an open, innovative exhibition concept that can be easily adapted to other countries, spaces, contexts and partners. The common level always remains the theme of codes and the exhibition space as co-working space.«

Christiane Riedel, Chief Operating Officer ZKM

ZKM in India

For the second time, the ZKM presented a satellite from the »Open Codes« exhibition experiment in Mumbai, most recently in spring 2018.

The ZKM has been active in India since January 2017. Thanks to its expertise in digital change, it acts as a source of inspiration, a platform of ideas and an important communicator between culture and new technologies. An overview of all ZKM activities in India can be found here.