ZKM AppArtAward

A selection of the award winners


From 2011 to 2017, the ZKM awarded the AppArtAward annually to the best artistic developments in the field of applications for smartphones and tablets.

The idea resulted from the realization that app stores do not carry the category of art and thus artistic and at the same time highly innovative developments only receive marginal appreciation.

To gain an insight into the lively diversity of AppArt, highlights are presented in »zkm_gameplay. the next level«.


»AppArtAward« Competition

The AppArtAward was initiated by ZKM in cooperation with the software cluster partners CAS Software AG and CyberForum e.V., the largest regionally active high-tech.entrepreneur.network in Germany, and was awarded for the first time in 2011. The AppArtAward is intended to honor works of art that combine creative software solutions and artistic innovation in app format. As of 2012, the AppArtAward itself was part of the Software Cluster, which, located in southwestern Germany, is considered Europe's Silicon Valley.

More Information about the "AppArtAward" Competition

Apps are art for the age of digital mobility

Apps have become a very popular medium and an integral part of our mobile culture. Their number in the various online stores is growing exponentially. In addition to pure service apps that make our everyday lives easier, the artistic potential of apps is also being exploited: Established artistic genres are transferred and transformed into the app medium. New art forms are emerging, innovative ideas are being implemented in an aesthetic way, and tricky mind games are finding their way into the mobile medium. The possibilities of new technologies are used in a creative way.

The artistic design of apps is constantly showing new tendencies. The AppArtAward wants to present the latest aesthetic and technical ones and award the best apps of the competition. In addition to the central award categories »GameArt« and »Sound Art«, a prize in the category »AppArtivism« was also offered for the first time in 2017. The combination of activism and art, of actvism and art, aims to highlight how new media are used artistically for social or political causes.

»The app phenomenon is an almost unbelievable success story. The development of smartphones and the applications created for them has redefined the future of mobility.«

Christiane Riedel, former executive director of the ZKM | Karlsruhe


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