ZKM at the VerfassungsFEST

View of the Schlossplatz in Karlsruhe

From May 24–25, 2019, the ZKM will be represented with the game »Democracy Machine« at the »Bürgerfest« at Karlsruhe Schlossgarten. The »Bürgerfest« is part of the VerfassungsFEST, a festival with which Karlsruhe celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Basic Law in Germany. 

Exactly 70 years ago – on May 23,1949 – the Basic Law was solemnly proclaimed. Its coming into force marks the foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany at the same time. After the experience of the two World Wars and twelve years of National Socialism, the fathers and mothers of the Basic Law pursued the goal of developing a constitution whose focal point is the dignity of each individual.

As the seat of the highest courts, Karlsruhe stands like no other city for the modern democratic constitutional state of Germany. Since 1951, the Federal Constitutional Court – the only constitutional body outside the capital – has been the guardian of the constitution. For this reason, it is obvious that Karlsruhe will celebrate the birthday of the constitution in the »Seat of Justice« with a large constitutional festival.

The citizens' festival is dedicated to central civil rights and social values such as diversity, openness and legal certainty, which the Basic Law guarantees to all citizens. There the ZKM, which was created 30 years ago in an exemplary participative process, may not be missing. 

Living Democracy

At the VerfassungsFEST, the ZKM presents »The Democracy Machine« – a game from its gaming exhibition »zkm_gameplay. the next level«. The »Democracy Machine« requires its players to take positions in various political and social areas and encourages them to question their own political positions, to exchange views with their fellow players and to find a solution together.

We are looking forward to your visit! 

Exhibition view »gameplay. the next level«