ZKM goes CODE_n

Image of ZKM Cube pigmented  in green

In 2018, the largest innovation festival in Southern Germany, the new.New Festival, will take place in Stuttgart from October 8–10, 2018. ZKM and Karlsruhe's digital scene enrich the code_n event with digital art and technical innovations.

The first independent new.New Festival took place at ZKM in 2016. As an institution whose exhibitions and productions unite art, technology, science and research in a unique way, the ZKM was the ideal venue for the global innovation platform.

For the second edition of the festival in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle in Stuttgart, the ZKM will be represented by other partners from Karlsruhe's digital scene. Under the umbrella brand »karlsruhe.digital« Karlsruhe – one of the most important IT locations in Europe – presents itself as a »Digital Explorer« with various exhibits reflecting its diversity, creativity and expertise.   

The ZKM presents four exciting art works from its current exhibition experiment »Open Codes. The World as a Field of Data« on site. With the installation »YOU:R Code«, visitors to code_n can have their image »translated« into code, the installation »Ethical Autonomous Vehicles« allows them to play through various scenarios that would affect autonomous driving systems. Furthermore, in the »manifest« visitors can observe an industrial robot writing manifestos in an autonomous process for a utopian man-machine society or follow multilingual conversations between two chatbots in »Lost in Computation«.

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