A change of perspective - a small experiment with the earth

School Workshop

Poster of the climate campaign »Fridays for Future« with the text »Save the World«.

Book a workshop for school classes on a date of your choice.

from grade 9 onwards, suitable for the educational curricula of all types of schools in the subjects of art and science education
duration: 90 min, max. 30 participants, cost: 79 €, language: German

»If we want to make good use of the world, we must stop wasting it and our time in it. We must relearn being in the world.« (after Ursula K. Le Guin)

With this quote, the virtual exhibition »Critical Zones. Observatories for Earthly Politics«  invites us to a change of perspective. It is a call to rethink and rediscover our earth as a habitat for the most diverse forms of life. The goal is to make a better future on earth possible for all life forms. However, rethinking the fixed structures is not so easy. We want to encourage this rethinking creatively.

In this workshop we »experiment« and try to find methods that help us to get out of the fixed thinking structures. For example, we will explore the exciting questions on the virtual exhibition platform: What is the »critical zone«? How are we connected in this zone? What influences our perception of the Earth?

We try to give age-appropriate, creative answers to these questions. In doing so, we invent fun ways to help us change our perspective and look at things differently than we are used to.

You need: Laptop/PC/tablet or smartphone, cardboard tube, cardboard packaging material, utility knife, pencil, scissors, cardboard, mirror film, coloured film, hot glue gun, coloured paper (waste paper), coloured adhesive tape (if available)
Digital requirements: Stable Internet connection, video conferencing facilities (camera and microphone). The workshop takes place online via zoom. The zoom link will be sent out shortly before the workshop starts.


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