In its work, the ZKM combines research and production, exhibitions and performances, collections and archives, mediation and events. Connecting these fields of work interdisciplinary, the ZKM as an agile organization can present and produce the development of art and media of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Symposia and other formats of theoretical discourse between art, philosophy, science, technology, business and politics complement the ZKM program to examine the effects of medialization, digitization and globalization on society.


Curatorial Department
Since 1989, the ZKM has set standards worldwide in the development of artistic and scientific – interactive, participative and performative – exhibitions.


The Hertz-Lab operates as a transdisciplinary research and development platform at the interface of media arts, science and society.


Wissen – Collection, Archives & Research
From classical painting to performance and computer art: The department of Wissen – Collection, Archives & Research preserves and explores 20th and 21st century art.


Museum Communication
Museum Communication at ZKM is interdisciplinary, cross-medial and participatory, but above all in the middle of the exhibition space.


Publications Department
Books, brochures, online publications, apps, CDs and DVDs – since its foundation in 1989, the ZKM has published more than 400 publications.


Video Studio
From exhibition openings to live performances: The video studio documents almost the entire supporting program of ZKM and makes it visible online.


Events Department
Symposia, readings, concerts, performances: a variety of different events take place at the ZKM. The events department is responsible for logistical and organizational planning.


Museum Shop
The Museum Shop offers a broad selection of German and English-language professional literature, CDs, radio plays, magazines and DVDs on art, design, science, architecture and new media as well as current discussions on art theory and international exhibi


Museum and Exhibition Technical Services
In close cooperation with artists and curators, a dozen exhibitions are organized each year by the museum and exhibition technology team.

EU Coordination

The EU Coordination Office advises the ZKM and the State Museums of Baden-Württemberg on European funding programs and supports them in applying for and implementing EU projects. 


The ZKM is a foundation under public law and pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes. It consists of the Foundation Board and the Board of Trustees. 

Equal Opportunity Plan

We stand for an open and diverse society.

Code of Conduct

Our guidelines for a positive working culture.