Werk - Luma2solator
Artist / Artist group
installation, computer-based, Light installation
Material / Technique
interactive light installation; computer (PC, operating system: Windows XP, individual software with Internet access), TFT touch screen monitor, base for TFT monitor, custom-made electronics, 2 active loudspeakers, video camera (DV Firewire), flash unit, interfaces (lightsaber, flashlight, etc.), rack for interfaces, projector, lamp, floor marking linoleum, graffiti
Dimensions / Duration
Installation dimensions variable
ZKM | Center for Art and Media

The computer-based installation »Luma2solator« by the Dutch artist group PIPS:lab enables visitors to create digital graffiti from light.

In the darkened exhibition space a large triangle is marked out on the floor, and various light-emitting instruments are fastened to the walls, such as torches, neon tubes, and highlighters. On a touchscreen at the side of the room visitors can select a mode, either ’Single’, ’Sequence’, or ’Beat’ to make their light graffiti. Afterwards, visitors decide whether their light painting should be kept or not, by selecting ’Flash’ or ’No Flash’. To begin, the visitor presses the ’Start’ button. The room becomes dark and a voice prepares the visitors: “Recording will start in four, three, two, one, now!“ Within the marked out area the visitors have 30 seconds to »paint« forms and patterns using the light instruments. These tools create different color and light effects. All movements are recorded by a camera in long time exposure and projected in real time on a screen on the opposite wall.

When visitors choose the ’Flash’ option, at the end of the session there is a flash. The light graffiti and the person who created it appear on the screen. The visitor decides whether the image will be saved or deleted. All light graffiti that are saved are shown on the screen consecutively when »Luma2solator« is not in operation.

Author: Hannah-Maria Winters