Computer Technique Group CTG

Running Cola is Africa


Werk - Running Cola is Africa
Artist / Artist group
Computer Technique Group CTG
Running Cola is Africa
computer-generated, print
Material / Technique
computer-generated image ; lithography according to plotter drawing; computer: IBM 7090; programming language: Fortran IV, output device: Calcomp 563 Plotter; printing ink on paper
Dimensions / Duration
50,5 x 75 cm
ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe

RUNNING COLA IS AFRICA 1967/68 - A computer graphic, No 3 in the Metamorphoses Series by the Computer Technique Group from Japan. Idea by Masao Komura (product designer) data by Makoto Ohtake (architectural designer) programme by Koji Fujino (systems engineer) - A computer algorithm converts a running man into a bottle of cola, which in turn is converted into the map of Africa. Programmed in Fortran IV on IBM 7090 and drawn on Calcomp 563 plotter. Running Cola is Africa-Black. Motif Edition

No. ME 02 1