Blind Date with a Book

Front cover of the book „A little Known Story about a Movement, a Magazine, and the Computer’s Arrival in Art“: leere und ausgefüllte silberne Kreise auf schwarzem Grund, die Binärcode symbolisieren

Get to know the unique book treasures of ZKM!

A blind date means getting to know a hitherto unknown being, curiously looking in and browsing around, sniffing at it and perhaps being enchanted by it.

We do this in our video series »Blind Date with a Book«: alternating between the ZKM Library and the Publications Department, we show a selected work, providing a fascinating insight into its inner and outer workings.

The exhibition catalogs, anthologies, brochures, and monographs are gems that are often available in bookstores worldwide or sometimes very exclusively only in the ZKM store. Many were produced at the ZKM itself.

Always look forward to a new date at the end of the month! If you have found a favorite publication, you can visit it in our library on site at ZKM, borrow it or purchase it in our online shop. Some of the in-house ZKM publications are also available to read online.

Blind Date with a Book #1: »Stephan von Huene. What’s wrong with Art?«

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Blind Date with a Book #2: »buKs Buchkonstruktionen«

Blind Date with a Book #3: »Light art from artificial light / Lichtkunst aus Kunstlicht«

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Blind Date with a Book #4: »102 grüne Karten zur Rettung der Welt / Katapult«

Blind Date with a Book #5: »Digital Imaginaries. African Positions Beyond the Binary«

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Blind Date with a Book #6: »Bauhaus Ballet. A pop-up Performance«

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