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Plan of space booking

Within the exhibition, there are three bookable spaces for your events: OpenHUB, CodeHUB and Ackerspace.

You wish to book an open space inside the exhibition? Please check our calendar for availability first.

OpenHUB (LH8)

OpenHUB is the largest bookable space within the exhibition: 16 tables are available in flexible and modular combinations – one can use all or just a few tables. Facilities include a microphone, a permanently installed projector with projection screen and sound system. With row seating, the area can accommodate up to 100 people, with table groups up to 40 seats. The area is characterized by its open and accessible location, which allows the exhibition audience insights into the working processes. For groups of 15 or more, OpenHUB makes sense!

Site plan room booking OpenHUB


CodeHUB is a small working space with four round tables of four seats, which ensures a seat for at least 16 people. CodeHUB is especially suitable for medium-sized conversations.

Site plan room booking CodeHUB


Ackerspace is a special place within the exhibition: In a secluded area, a small garden is located, where herbs and vegetables are grown. In this corner, one can enjoy daylight and a certain seclusion from the rest of the exhibition. At the table, a maximum of eight people can be accommodated, we recommend to use the space with four to six people. During creativity dropouts, one can obtain inspiration within this small garden jungle.


Space Availabilities

Please check our calendar for availability first.

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