Plastic Studios – 2017

screesnhot: surreal dreamworld with abstract shapes and a reddish coloring with warm contrasts

The game’s setting is the mind of a pregnant woman.

The main character in her world of thought is a dancing princess. She obeys her mother's order to defeat a monster that is destroying the world. The players control the princess on her way through surreal, dreamlike environments. She can fend off enemies by dancing.

Instead of the often stereotypical movements of computer characters, here players experience a great variety of movements, which are derived both from classical ballet and contemporary dance.

Material / Technique
SONY Playstation 4 Pro



GDC 2017 Flash Forward: Bound: Emotions Through Ballet and Modern Art

01:35 min (english)

Bound: Emotions Through Ballet and Modern Art (GDC 17 Talk, Michal Staniszewski)

50:22 min (english)



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