Adam Saltsman – 2009

A man jumps on a multistorey building with white pigeons on it.

In the world of »Canabalt«, player controls a nameless man fleeing an unknown danger.

In the beginning, the man jumps out of the window of an office building onto the roof of a neighboring building. He then moves forward automatically and gets faster and faster. The game is a so-called »Side Scroller«, which means that the figure only moves from the left side to the right. The sole means of control the players have over the character is a push of a button that makes him jump from building to building or over obstacles.

Adam Saltman invented the sub-genre of »Endless Runner« – or »Non-Stop-Running« games with »Canabalt's« game mechanics: The player cannot stop the forward movement.

Material / Technique

iOS, iPad



Adam Atomic Talks Canabalt - IndieGame: The Movie

4:01 min (english)

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