Cancellation policy

Important notes for your registration: dates are considered valid only once they have been confirmed by the ZKM in written form. The team at the Museum Communication will contact you promptly. Conditions of cancellation: Please note that 50 percent of the fee for guided tours and workshops will be charged for cancellations made within a three day period of the agreed date. 100 percent of the fee will be charged for cancellations, or for events that are not made use of. In the case of late arrivals exceeding fifteen minutes after the designated time, entitlement to the booked guided tour / booked workshop, as well as entitlement to participation will be cancelled. We will nevertheless charge you 100 percent of the fee. We kindly request your understanding.

In the case of an insufficient number of participants, the ZKM reserves the right to cancel the workshop. Registered participants will be refunded 100 percent of their participation fee.