Cyanotypes - Photography in blue

School Workshop

In this picture are photograms with abstract forms that are put down on the ground.

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From grade 5 onwards, Duration: 3 hours, max. 10 participants, Cost: 158 € + 1,50 € admission/participant, Language: German

In the 1840s Anna Atkins published one of the first illustrated books on cyanotyping. It showed pictures that had been produced using a very special photographic technique, iron blue printing. Scientific plant samples were illustrated with the help of cyanotype. An extract of these beautiful and detailed photographs can be seen in the ZKM exhibition »Critical Zones«.

But what are cyanotypes? Cyanotypes allow photographs to be taken entirely without a camera. Take two chemical substances + paper + sunlight + water. We will take a look at the exhibition to find out more about the production process and afterwards there will be plenty of room for experimentation and for your ideas! 


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