Donkey Kong

Nintendo / Shigeru Miyamoto – 1982

Cover of the NES Version from »Donkey Kong«

A gorilla has kidnapped Paulina, Jumpman’s girlfriend. It’s up to the players to guide Jumpman through four different levels and save his girlfriend.

When »Donkey Kong« appeared in 1981, the game took arcades by storm and established Nintendo as a leading computer game company. The work not only founded the platformer genre, but also experimented with the use of short narrations between the playable passages. In the game designed by Shigeru Miyamoto one of the world’s most famous computer game characters appeared for the first time under the name »Jumpman«: Super Mario.

Material / Technique
Arcade cocktail table


The King of Kong

122:37 min. (english)

History of Donkey Kong - Gaming Historian

7:56 min. (english)



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