Jill Scott: The Coded Body
Wed, March 19, 2003 7 pm CET, Lecture

Jill Scott, guest artist and project coordinator at ZKM's Media Museum from 1994 through 1997, talks about her work and presents her new book, »Coded Characters – Media Art by Jill Scott«. The publication documents the artist's complete works between 1975 and 2000, ranging from performances and live events with monitoring systems via video art to computer-assisted media pieces and interactive movies. The book also documents the work Scott produced at ZKM, projects such as »Frontiers of Utopia« or »Digital Body Automata«. Jill Scott and her oeuvre have contributed to a new concept of the human body with respect to its functionality as an interface and as a player in the rapidly developing technological spaces and in physical reality. In Scott's work, the role of the medium, of the public, and the presentation of the human body are called into permanent question.

The book consists of essays and interviews with internationally reputed theorists as well as Jill Scott's own comments on her works and the technologies she uses. It comes with a DVD showing media art from the worlds revealed by the artist. Multi-layered virtual, artificial and mechanical metaphors make these »Coded Characters« an exciting adventure for any reader.