KlangRiffe [Sound ostinato]
Festival of Risky Music
Fri, May 16, 2003 – Sun, May 18, 2003, Festival

An event jointly organized by ZKM, the Academy of Design [HfG] and the Academy of Music [HfM] in Karlsruhe with support from the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation, the Friends of the School of Music and Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Kunst und Medientechnologie e.V. .

Klang-Riffe / Klang-Griffe / Klang-Angriffe [Sound ostinatos / sound grips / sound assaults]: The equivocal name of this new festival constitutes the program. The three event organisers ZKM, HfG and HfM invite you to three days of aural adventures: concerts by new composers, music installations, soundless image-music, sound performances, electronics between studio and dance-floor, media art, discussions, dance music created by visitors themselves, body music sessions, films with live music, chill-out room with string quartet and much more.


Fri., May 16, 2003 /  Schloss Gottesaue

​​7 pm ::

Installations, film by Rees Archibald, Lynn Pook, Martin Schüttler and Henze&Lorenschat
[Foyer, stairwell, lecture room]

8 pm ::

Concert, works by Nam-Kuk Kim, Erin Gee, Byong-Mo Lee, Alla Kesselman, Eui Hong Park, Russo Meipariani and Wanja Aloe
[Velte Hall]

10 pm ::

Picture sounds, directed by Gérard Buquet
[Royal Stables]

11.30 ::

Dmitri Kourliandski, 'Une histoire de la musique'
[Royal Stables]

Sat., May 17, 2003 /  HfG 

4 pm - midnight ::

Boris Yoffe, 70 string quartets

4 pm - midnight ::

Damon Lee, Invisible Cities
[Bridge 1]

4 pm ::

Video projections, »Klangriffe Rolle«
[Blauer Salon]

4 pm - midnight ::

Installation, Sutardjo/Motschmann - KlangGriffe

5 pm ::

Patrick Sutardjo, SOLO for dancer, violoncello and video
[Courtyard cafeteria]

5.30 pm ::

Matthias Ockert, Inbild/Abbild
[Courtyard cafeteria]

6 pm ::

Concert, works by Camden Reeves, David Coleman, Stephen Beville, Ian Dickson, Johannes Motschmann, Iannis Kokoras, Nicolas Bardey and Asmus Trautsch
[HfG Kubus]

10.30 pm ::

Performance, Philipp Schulze, SPULER
[Courtyard cafeteria]

11 pm ::

Party / Matthias Ockert and others. Dance to your music

Sun., May 18, 2003 /  ZKM

10 am – 10 pm ::

Sound installations, Michael Köpke - Black&Blue
[ZKM-Kubus / Subraum]

11 am ::

Conzert, works by Shintaro Imai, Pei-Yu Shih, Nara Shin, Sean Reed and Yotam Haber

3 pm ::

Discussion with festival’s composers, compared by Prof. Sandeep Bhagwati, Prof. Dr. Rudolf Frisius
[ZKM lecture theater]

5 pm ::

Closing concert, works by Tommy Ballestrem and Márton Illés

8 pm ::

Concert, works by Benjamin Levitsky, Anton Safronov, Alexej Suomak, Stefan Pohlit and Boris Filanowski
[Media Theater]

Organization / Institution
Hochschule für Musik Karlsuhe

HfG | Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe ; ZKM


Ernst-von-Siemens Musikstiftung ; Freundeskreises der Hochschule für Musik ; Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Kunst und Medientechnologie e.V..