Gilles Deleuze and the Arts: Repetition and Difference
Fri, 24.10.2003 – Sun, 26.10.2003

Motto: »One day the century may be Deleuzian.« [Michel Foucault] Gilles Deleuze [1925-1995] was more than a university professor who read widely and wrote comparatively little. He was a philosopher who, as his life came to an end, asked: what is philosophy? In what respects does it differ from art and science? Is it an art in its own right that invents concepts? Rhizomatics, nomadology, wishing machines, non-organic life, deterritorialisation, »agencement« [assemblage] are all terms that Deleuze coined. Or do they stem from his friend, Félix Guattari [1930-1992], who co-authored his key works? Philosophy is friendship. Deleuze philosophises with friends and writes books with them and about them: Spinoza, Leibniz, Hume, Kant, Nietzsche, Bergson, Foucault... But they don't have to be philosophers since he was just as fond of poets, composers and artists: Melville, Proust, Kafka, both the Lawrences, Carroll, Artaud, Beckett, Luca..., Bacon, Klee..., Godard, Resnais, Welles..., Boulez, Schumann, Berio. It is astonishing just how much he assimilated and how precise he was in the process: mathematics, pop, psychoanalysis, film, electronic music... Those who pin their hopes on friendship also see themselves as opponents: anti-Oedipus, anti-Hegel, anti-Wittgenstein... Deleuze has a seductive way of philosophising, he straddles the boundaries of science, the university and academic style. He sympathises with the arts while at the same time making a major effort to renew philosophy and liberate it from the power of opinions, propositions and functions. Art cannot be produced by means of neuroses, affections, perceptions and opinions. The artist is a doctor, not a patient. Deleuze calls art a sensory block consisting of percepts and affects, and the arts he uses to illustrate this are literature, painting, music, film, theatre, opera, architecture and Beckett's television plays. While the book What is Philosophy? is motivated by a didactic Eros, his concern with arts is designed to benefit their poetics. Peter Gente This festival is the third event in the ZKM series on Art and Philosophy. The presentations given at last year's festival, »Michel Foucault and the Arts – Problems of a Genealogy«, will be published by Suhrkamp Verlag, Frankfurt, in April 2004.  


Friday 24 October 2003

10:00 hrs Peter Weibel, Peter Gente /Opening Aide mémoire by Michel Tournier 11:00 hrs Jean-Clet Martin De la dramatisation des images 12:00 hrs Break 14:00 hrs Clemens-Carl Härle Deleuze and the question: What does speaking mean? 15:00 hrs Franco Berardi La schizoanalyse face à l'épidémie psychopatique actuelle dans le contexte de la société Sémiocapitaliste. Un Hommage á Félix Guattari 16:00 hrs Tom Holert A different policy of the popular? 17:00 hrs Break 17:30 hrs Thomas Hirschhorn The Deleuze-Monument 18:30 hrs Break 19:00 hrs Opening of the Exhibition 20:00 hrs Walter Zimmermann: Kindheitsblock members of the ensemble recherche 20:30 hrs Le Grand Escroc /Film [Director: Jean-Luc Godard, F 1964] (tbc)  

Saturday 25 October 2003

10:00 hrs Marcus SteinwegImmanence, sovereignty, affirmation and the good fortune not to be immortal. Deleuze with Blanchot 11:00 hrs René Aguigah Ahat is a literary machine? 12:00 hrs Break 14:00 hrs Videos and lectures Samuel Beckett 16:00 hrs Break 16:30 hrs Danielle Cohen-Levinas Une philosophie de l´hyperbole est-elle possible en musicque: D´après une lecture de Deleuze 17:30 hrs Matthieu Carièrre reads Deleuze 18:30 hrs Break 20:00 hrs Schatten der Engel/Film [Director: Daniel Schmid, CH 1976] 22:00 hrs Deleuze Sound Night Live-Performances by Achim Szepanski [Mille Plateaux], Richard Pinhas and Gérôme Schmidt , Foyer

Sunday 26 October

10:00 hrs Michaela Ott Virtuality in philosophy and Deleuze’s film theory

11:00 hrs Raymond Bellour L'image de la pensée: art ou philosophie, ou au-delà? 12:00 hrs Break 14:00 hrs Hannes Böhringer On the Ritornell 15:00 hrs Joseph Vogl What is an event? 16:00 hrs Break 16:30 hrs Robert Fleck talks about art 17:30 hrs Henning Schmidgen On philosophy as the art of coining terms 18:30 hrs Bernd Stiegler Book presentation: Gilles Deleuze: Die einsame Insel, Frankfurt: Suhrkamp 2003 19:00 hrs Break 20:00 hrs Ein neues Leben [Peau neuve] /Film [Director: Emilie Deleuze, F 1999] (tbc)

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