Space-Time Physics
Transfinite Mathematics and Computer Art
Sat, October 11, 2003 10 am CEST, Symposium

On the occasion of the 60th birthday of Mohamed El Naschie the ZKM is organizing this symposium.

Mohamed El Naschie was successful in deriving a model for the so-called multifractal space-time which allows to predict the mass of elementary particles and derive universal constants. The derivation of these constants is not possible through the "standard model" which is why the physicists search for extensions or modifications of this theory. The conference deals with problems of this kind and includes thereby new and controversially debated approaches. It also includes mathematical considerations that propose them-selves to be fruitfully used within space-time physics. Additionally, the symposium addresses the attempt to use artistic approaches to gain knowledge on space-time and discusses which connections between physics and art exist.


Mohamed El Naschie

David Finkelstein
»Qunivaq: The Universe as Quantum Computer«

Otto E. Rössler
»Diffusion Model of Hubble's Law«

Peter Weibel
»Neuro – or Quantum Cinema: A Contribution to Digital Philosophy«

Walter Greiner
»Vacuum, Matter and Antimatter«

Tomasz Kapitaniak
»Chaos Synchronization and Hyperchaos«

Garnet N. Ord
»Bohr, Bohm and Entwined Paths«

Hans H. Diebner
»Indistinguishability vs Transfinite Accuracy?«

Werner Martienssen
»Chaos and Order in the Physical World«

and others

[The conference language is English]

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