upDate: Andreas Brehmer & Sirko Knüpfer
Don't Ask
Fri, November 07, 2003 7 pm CET, Lecture

The two Media Artists will present their current project »DON’T ASK«. The short film, the linear version of the project, is shown publicly for the first time. Afterwards, the creators will explain the interactive DVD and the concept of non-linear narration it is based on. Afterwards, visitors will have the opportunity to test the DVD and create their own version of the film.

The DVD will be presented at ZKM_Media Lounge until November 9, 2003.

Leading roles: Günther Gross and Anja Lechle, 
Camera: Nico Hain, Music: Markus Hechtle.

The work was co-produced by the Karlsruhe College of Music, the ZKM⎥Institute for Image Media and the ZKM⎥Institute for Music and Acoustics and was sponsored by MFG - Medien und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg.

Organization / Institution

Medien und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg