upDate: Gerhard Johann Lischka
On the Pulse of the Age
Sat, January 17, 2004 6 pm CET, Lecture

This upDate gives the cultural philosopher, Gerhard Johann Lischka, an opportunity to present his archive of sound documents from 1974 to 1990, which has been issued by Hatje Cantz as a DVD entitled »On the Pulse of the Age«. In the lecture that follows the presentation Lischka explains the purpose of interviewing artists and thinkers, which – he says – is to use the directness and musicality of their language to gain sensory access to their ideas.

The latest ZKM Edition presents a collection of sound documents from 1974 to 1990. Interviews with artists (including Acconci, Mack, Stella, Warhol) and thinkers (such as Baudrillard, Export, Flusser, Luhmann) are supplemented by performatives and a lecture by Gerhard Johann Lischka.

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