Peter Weibel: Social Matrix (Opening)
Works 1965–79
Thu, March 04, 2004 7 pm CET, Opening

Peter Weibel’s artistic career personifies some of the milestones in the history of art since the mid-1960s, such as literary performances, expanded cinema, happenings, concept art, context art, closed-circuit video installations and computer-based works. Having dealt in depth with language theory and the conditions under which reality is constructed, Weibel has demonstrated consistent originality in the works of art he has created since 1965, which attracted international attention from the outset. To mark Weibel’s 60th birthday, the Meyer Riegger Galerie and the ZKM are presenting a selection of his works from 1965 to 1979. They include examples of his early concrete and visual poetry, concept and context art, expanded cinema, action lectures, performances and happenings, videotapes and installations as well as the musical project Hotel Morphila Orchestra.

Organization / Institution
Meyer Riegger Galerie ; ZKM