com.unity. Transformations of Musical Practices
Thu, May 06, 2004 – Sat, May 08, 2004, Symposium
The COM.UNITY symposium examines the contours of a new music culture in the complex inter-relationship between society and community. Various aspects will be dealt with during six thematic sessions, two panel discussions and a club evening.


Thur 06 May 2004

2 - 2.15 pm Introduction
I. Fans, scenes, tribes: How have pop music and music scenes changed and how do the fans relate to them?

Fri 07 May 2004

10 am
II. Selling out the scene: What impact is commercialisation having on the world of music and its consumers?

2 pm
III. Sampling: What new musical styles are being created by sampling and what copyright issues are emerging?

4:30 pm
IV. Digital music worlds: How are music-centred online communities constructed?

5:30 pm
Panel 1: Music portals: Between content, opinion forum and start-up

8 pm
20:00 Club evening Live acts featuring Rupert Huber / Tosca [Vienna]; Jan Jelinek / Farben [Berlin]; David Moufang / Source Recs. [Heidelberg]

Sat 08 May 2004

9:30 am
V. Glocal sounds: How authentic is localised hip-hop?

2 pm
Panel 2: P2PMP3ABO / new distribution channels: From sound storage medium and chart success to the Internet und file sharing – will the traditional music business survive the Internet?

4 pm
VI. Clipping gender: What role do video clips and music TV play in shaping gender relations?

Presentations by Jannis Androutsopoulos [Hanover] / Tony Bennett [Surrey] / Martin Büsser [Mainz] / Christoph Dreher [Stuttgart] / Stephan Habscheid [Chemnitz] / Gerd Hurm [Trier] / Olaf Karnik [Cologne] / Gabriele Klein [Hamburg] / Hannes Loh [Cologne] / Klaus Neumann-Braun [Landau] / Birgit Richard [Frankfurt] / Bernd Rückwardt [Kaiserslautern] / Axel Schmidt [Landau] / Gerriet K. Sharma [Cologne] / Inez Templeton [Edinburgh] / Peter Weibel [Karlsruhe] / Michael Wetzel [Bonn]

Panellists: Ulrike Altig-Wilkesmann [Stuttgart] / Luke Beck [Basel] / Rainer Henze [Konstanz] / Christian 'Fu' Müller [Düsseldorf] / Gero Pflaum [Hamburg] / Hubert Wandjo [Mannheim]
Organization / Institution

ZKM ; Landesanstalt für Kommunikation BWB