Fate of Alien Modes
Fri, October 08, 2004 – Sun, October 10, 2004, Film Screening
The programme comprises a selection of films shown during the Fate of Alien Modes exhibition curated by Constanze Ruhm and held at the Secession and the Film Museum in Vienna in May and June 2003. Both the exhibition and the film programme focused on the difference between cinematic and artistic modes of production, the relationship between art and the cinema, and an examination of the role played by cinema auditoria in exhibition buildings. The films represented indexical references that were designed to visualise historical roots, thereby enabling 'cinema' to evolve from within itself as a system and collage of various languages. Every contribution addressed a different aspect of cinematic language - architecture, camera, portrayal, narration, authorship, identity. Part of the programme was selected by Mark Nash [film theorist, co-publisher of the magazine Screen and co-curator of Documenta11] and based on a series of films arranged by Screen in 1978 for the National Film Theatre in London [»Geschichtsunterricht« by Jean-Marie Straub / Danielle Huillet 1972].

Programme ::
Freitag 08.10.2004

· Hotel Monterey Chantal Akerman, 1972, 65 min
· The Camera: Je or la Caméra I: Babette Mangolte, 1977, 88 min
· Shulie Elisabeth Subrin, 1997, 36 min

Samstag, 09.10.2004

· Geschichtsunterricht Jean-Marie Straub
and Danielle Huillet, 1972, 85 min
· Erzählen Harun Farocki and Ingemo Engström, 1975, 58 min

Sonntag, 10.10.2004

· The Cool World Shirley Clarke, 1963, 105 min
· BaadAssss Cinema Isaac Julien, 2002, 58 min
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