...se sont penchés dessus. New music and dance
Sun, January 23, 2005 8 pm CET, Concert
Compositions by Reudenbach, Staude (UA), Feldmann and Asmus (UA) Choreography by Hernandez, ensemble omega, tHEL danse

Given that movement is indispensable for the playing of music and that dancing is impossible without sound, this concert project combines contemporary music and dance to produce a performance in which the focus is on movement.
It revolves around the premiere of »Dance Music V« by Bernd Asmus, in which instrumental and live electronic music, the motions of the instrumentalists and the motions of the dancers are closely intertwined, thereby creating a link between the choreography and the composition.
The programme is supplemented by works composed by Reudenbach, Staude and Feldmann, who use different aspects to examine the communicability of music through movement in inner-musical terms.
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