Jeremias Schwarzer: Moulding Modern Recorders
Fri, February 25, 2005 8 pm CET, Concert
Works by Natalia Gaviola (UA), Kirsten Reese (UA) Rolf Riehm, Annette Schlünz (UA), Mathias Spahlinger

Hardly has a piece sounded modern and been ranked as avant-garde than it ends up in the attic of music history and begins to gather mould. A large number of contemporary works for recorder are no exception in this respect.
Jeremias Schwarzer has long been regarded as one of the leading recorder players of his generation. In this concert he tackles the challenges posed by contemporary compositions for his instrument.

Inspired by this project the composers, Natalia Gaviola, Annette Schlünz and Kirsten Reese, have composed new works for recorder and electronic media. In addressing the central issue raised by this programme about the transience of modernity in music these new compositions are contrasted with two solo pieces by Rolf Riehm and Matthias Spahlinger, which set new standards in the early 1990s in examining the sound potential of the recorder. Called upon to adopt an unbiased approach to the very varied tone qualities they hear, the members of the audience can thus form their own acoustic picture. At all events, the different backgrounds to each of the compositions in this programme are sure to produce new views and opinions of the fascinating sound of the recorder.
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