Resonances in Concert
Concert to Mark the End of the ZKM Exhibition
Sat, October 08, 2005 8 pm CEST, Finissage
The appearance of the sound artist, Christina Kubisch, at the ZKM exhibition Resonances –the electromagnetic bodies project will involve an invitation to the audience to participate in »electrical walks«, an attempt to make physically imperceptible electric waves audible. Special magnetic headphones that respond to electric fields in the surroundings provide participants in these walks with new aural impressions – the familiar suddenly appears in a different context. At the end of the exhibition Christina Kubisch will transform the aural impressions communicated by her interactive installation into a composition and provide insights into the listening experiences of electronic waves in the form of a concert.

Listening experience between confinement and stretching

Fascinated by the reconciling of opposites, the composer Matthias Ockert created a piece called stretto for 8-channel tape recorder in early 2005 during his time as artist-in-residence at the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics. Ockert construes the term »stretto« in opposite ways – both in its Italian meaning as ‘narrow, constrained’ as well as in its similarity to the English word ‘stretched’. He first reduces the sound units to their component parts and then stretches them to form new sounds, thereby creating an intriguing sound experience resulting from the transition phase between the two states.
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