Piano+ 2005
Music for Piano and Electronics
Thu, November 03, 2005 – Sun, November 06, 2005, Festival
Works by K. Boehmer, L. Brümmer, S. Dragicevic, O. Finnendahl (UA), N. A. Huber, J. Kalitzke, F. Liszt, M. Maiguashca, F. Menezes, H. Muenz, L. Nono, S. Rohloff, D. Schnebel, K. Schwoon, H. Seidl, P. Y. Shi, M. Stroppa and others

The Festival Piano+ Music for Piano and Electronics under the artistic direction of the internationally famous pianist, Catherine Vickers, is a clear indication, if any were needed, that the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics devotes its attention not only to its own programme for scholarship holders, but also to the fostering of talented youngsters in the field of contemporary electro-acoustic music. For Catherine Vickers the combination of piano and electronics provides a wonderful opportunity of extending the rhythm and sound of her own instrument with the help of space distribution and synchronisation processes so that the keyboard instrument can be anchored in the current process of electro-acoustic composition in a way that makes it completely independent of common sampling methods. Catherine Vickers will curate the festival and perform along with Robert Taub, the pianist who came to the fore under James Levine and the Münchner Philharmoniker, the New Music specialist, Benjamin Kobler, and representatives of a generation of pianists who have devoted themselves to contemporary music. The whole iridescent range of music produced by a combination of piano and electronics will be presented.

The avant-garde composer, Dieter Schnebel (b. 1930 in Lahr) will be present for the performance of his composition Zwei Studien. A round-table discussion with artists and representatives of the media on the subject of the piano and electronics is also planned.


Thu, November 3, 2005

8:00 pm
Works by Sascha Dragicevic, Maximillian Marcoll, Hannes Seidl, Steingrimur Rohloff, Florian Menezes, Messias Maiguashca Piano: Hsin-Yun Chang, Yi-Ling Lam, Luca Bartiromo, Seung-Eun Lee, Jefferson Ulbrich, Pi-Hsien Chen and Catherine Vickers
Friday, 4 November 2005

7:00 pm
Catherine Vickers piano evening Works by Luigi Nono, Nicolaus A. Huber, Ludger Brümmer

9:00 pm
ZKM-Media Theatre
Works by Konrad Böhmer, Orm Finnendahl (UA) Michael von der Aa Piano: Diana Filipova, Benjamin Kobler, Florian Wäldele

Sat, November 5, 2005

3:00 pm
ZKM-Lecture Hall
Round-table discussion on “Piano and Electronics” with Catherine Vickers, Ludger Brümmer, Dieter Schnebel, Bernd Leukert (HR) and others

5:00 pm
Works by Ernst August Klötzke, Marco Stroppa Piano: Ulrich Roman Murtfeld, Christian Nagel

8:00 pm
Evening of piano music with Robert Taub Works by Seymour Shifrin, Franz Liszt, Milton Babbitt, Ludger Brümmer, Ludwig van Beethoven

10:00 pm
ZKM-Music Balcony
Works by Theo Lovendie, Harald Muenz, Pei-Yu Shi Piano: Yoko Yamada, Hwa Kyung Yim, Florian Wäldele

Sun, November 6, 2005

11:00 am
Works by Johannes Kalitzke, Kilian Schwoon, Dieter Schnebel Piano: Alexsandra Chaplik, Martin von der Heydt
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