Open House 2006
Fri, January 06, 2006 10 am CET, Celebration


ZKM-Cube, Admission free
To this event, visitors are invited to bring their own CD ‘s to try out and experience for themselves the large potential of sound effects on offer at the ZKM-Kubus. This is done by feeding the Music-Pipeline with your music, thus enabling you to hear how these sounds can be transformed. Possible transformations include spatial enlargement or reverberation of sound, filtering effects and other reinterpretations, to name just a few. Experience the acoustic metamorphoses made possible by the modern techniques on offer.

Flying Light Circus

Interactive Light show and performance
ZKM-Media theatre, Admission free
Claudia Wissmann presents her interactive Light performance in which the viewer, using a handheld torch brings her “mirror room” to life. This “room”, suspended 10 meters above the spectator, consists of approximately 1000 surrounding mirrors and hence sparkles and lights up when in contact with the audience.

Conquest of the Sun: Light in Art, Science and Religion

Public Discussion as part of the “Light Art from Artificial Light” exhibition
ZKM-Lecture Hall, 5 pm, Admission free

Both the world of the visual and visually perceivable are, of course, the world of light; a form of energy that travels and spreads at enormous speeds when in a vacuum. We know from physic that when a beam of light strikes a prism, it divides itself into its constituent wavelengths, perceivable as the different colours of the spectrum. However in art and in religion the phenomena of light plays an essential role with far-reaching consequences.
Where painters have concerned themselves with representations of natural light, other artists have, for almost a hundred years now, preoccupied themselves with artificial light using electric light bulbs, neon tubing, luminous material, flickering LED’s and powerful floodlights.
The Biblical light that conquered darkness and all its life threatening implications, is the first creation to enable life. The use of artificial light does not devalue the underlying metaphors of light and darkness. These metaphors posses validity and understanding due to the temporal process of day following night.

Among the invited guests are; Dr.Karlheinz Ruhstorfer, theologian at Freiburg University, Prof. Peter Weibel, director of Centre for Art and Media technology (ZKM) in Karlsruhe and curator of the the exhibition “Light Art from Artificial Light”, Private Lecturer Dr. Peter Fleisch, Light technical institute of Karlsruhe University, and Ecke Bonk, Typosoph and artist.
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