Fri, 08.12.2006 – Sat, 09.12.2006
Two years ago, Canada’s top protagonists in acousmatic music were guests at ZKM. In a four-day festival, »trans_canada_release«, they performed the compositions they had produced, commissioned by ZKM. The concerts impressively displayed the wealth of their compositional spectrum.
Thanks to the generous support of the Canadian Embassy in Berlin, this festival can now be seen on DVD. Three of the composers will attend the presentation of its release. Along with the music, the DVD also contains a documentation of the symposium with musicological contributions and additional material. In two concerts, they will present their creations—including premieres of new compositions commissioned by ZKM.
The »father« of Canadian acousmatics, Francis Dhomont, along with his meanwhile world-renowned protégés Robert Normandeau and Gilles Gobeil, will interpret their creations personally in the ZKM_Klangdom.


Fri, December 08, 2006

8 p.m., ZKM_Cube

Gilles Gobeil »Derrière la porte la plus éloignée«, »Nuit cendre«
Gilles Gobeil, René Lussier Auszüge aus »Le Contrat«
Gilles Gobeil »Entre les deux rives du printemps« (2006) – UA

With the kind support of the Canada Council for the Arts

Sat, December 09, 2006

8 p.m., ZKM_Cube

Robert Normandeau and Francis Dhomont Neue Werke (UA)
Robert Normandeau »Chorus«
Martin Bédard »Topographie de la noirceur«
Robert Normandeau »Venture«
Francis Dhomont »Le cri du choucas« (European UA)
Delphine Measroch »Machin Machine«
Robert Normandeau new work (UA)
Organization / Institution
Kanadische Botschaft Berlin