90 Short Videos from Switzerland, Austria and Germany
Sun, January 14, 2007 2 pm CET, Opening

Introduction and presentation of the project »art clips« by Peter Weibel, Gerhard Johann Lischka, Thomas Thiel and Antonia Marten. Opportunity to talk to those present, including the participating artists.

»art_clips« are the subject-centered answer of art to the end of industrially produced music videos for television. They are a guarantee of an individual view of the world, which opens the horizon of the possible. Searching for a contemporary visual language for short and meaningful messages, art_clips move within a gigantic field of optical investigations, free from mass-media taboos that would forbid a playful treatment of image, text and sound. Alongside and after all previously established artistic genres, they represent an art form corresponding to the acceleration of life, its hecticness and diversity. art_clips are of such a density of design, such a cunning and enigmaticness, such a stylistic sovereignty and personal yet general validity, that one may say they are a shot that hits the mark – us. Following the DVD production and preview events in Innsbruck and Berlin, the ZKM now presents the first comprehensive compilation of this new art form. Presented will be 90 art_clips from Switzerland, Austria and Germany produced between 2000 and today.

Project team

Antonia Marten (project management)
Thomas Thiel (project management)

Organization / Institution