Imagination Becomes Reality (Opening)
Eine Ausstellung zum erweiterten Malereibegriff. Werke aus der Sammlung Goetz
Fri, February 16, 2007 7 pm CET, Opening
Painting has long been more than only oil on canvasses. The transitions between the various artistic genres and media have become fluid. Not only the classical disciplines of architecture, sculpture and painting, but also newer media like photography, video, computer and installation art, intermix and enlarge each other’s boundaries, develop synergies and render traditional categories no longer valid.

Over the past two years the five-part exhibition cycle of the Goetz Collection in Munich "Imagination Becomes Reality" has considered the extensive influence of painting on the other arts. By means of the confrontation and contrast of works of contemporary artists, their techniques and forms of expression have become perceptible and the similarities as well as the differences of the diverse media have become clear. The exhibition is divided into thematic groups such as New Media, Architecture and Spatial Experience, Narrativity, Borrowings and Subjective Appropriation, and five to ten artists are presented in each part. The sixth and concluding stage of the exhibition at the ZKM | Museum for Contemporary Art will show a selection of works by 49 participating artists and enable comparisons of the individual parts of the cycle which have hitherto come to expression only in the respective catalogues.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a sixth and concluding catalogue with essays and statements by internationally known authors (Price in the ZKM_Shop: € 19). All six volumes boxed in a slipcase, the first five together with a print in the artist’s limited edition (works by Andrè Butzer, Thomas Helbig, Markus Selg, Tal R, Veron Urdarianu), will be offered at the special price of € 350.

Based on an idea of Ingvild Goetz’s; curators: Ingvild Goetz with Stephan Urbaschek, Director of the Goetz Collection, and Gregor Jansen, Head of the ZKM | Museum for Contemporary Art.
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