My Gene, it has Five Corners...
Exhibition view "My Gene, it has Five Corners..."
Caris, Herbold, Horlitz, PerZan, Roth, Voss-Andreae
31.03.2007 – 13.05.2007

Diverse works by artists Gerard Caris, Wolfgang Herbold, Andreas Horlitz, Karsten K. Panzer PerZan, Hermann Josef Roth, and Julian Voss-Andreae, which illuminate the fields of »art + science« from a variety of artistic perspectives, will be shown in the Project Space 01, parallel to the exhibition »Mischa Kuball: ReMix/Broca II (Letters/Numbers)«.

In his work, Caris concentrates on the regular pentagon, which finds use in drawing, sculpture, architecture, and design.
As a starting point for his work, Herbold takes pictures from the everyday and scientific worlds and transforms them digitally.
Horlitz’s interests, on the other hand, are directed at the complex forms of text and signs; he transforms genetic codes and brainwaves into aesthetic objects.
PerZan, for his part, develops 3D color systems based on the genetic code of DNA and the ancient Chinese texts of the I Ching.
Similar to Roth’s documenting of the useful aesthetics of molecular structures, Voss-Andreae reveals how proteins, which are otherwise understood only intellectually, can be experienced sensually.

Organization / Institution
ZKM | Medienmuseum

Fonds voor beeldende kunsten, vormgeving en bouwkunst, Amsterdam