Quantum Leaps IV
Fri, March 02, 2007 – Sun, March 04, 2007, Festival
The festival “Quantum Leaps” now enters its third year at the ZKM. Once again works of old masters of electronic, electro-acoustic and acousmatic music meet those of the younger generation. The ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics and the IEMA complement one another brilliantly, each with its own high-caliber grant program consisting of composers, instrumentalists and sound engineers. Synergies are produced and creative potentials released. Instrumental restrictions are surmounted and set in dialogue with electronic media, or compositions created wholly without natural acoustic instruments. The highly motivated grant recipients of the IEMA, selected nationally by a rigorous jury procedure and all already possessing university degrees, guarantee extraordinarily engaged interpretations.


Fri, March 02, 2007

8 pm, ZKM_Cube; admission:€ 8/5
The rigorous older generation
Including works by Stockhausen, Boulez

Sat, March 03, 2007

8 pm, ZKM_Cube; admission: € 8/5
The boisterous young
Works by Lindberg, Gordon

Sun, March 04, 2007

8 pm, ZKM_Cube; admission: € 8/5
The rich in sound
Including works by Eötvös, Vivier
Organization / Institution
Internationale Ensemble Modern Akademie (IEMA)