Early Memory
Fri, 18.05.2007, 8 pm CEST
"This work is about the transience of memory. The performance space is divided into imaginary zones in which the musicians give a concert or interact with the audio and video material. Hundreds of fragmented early memories from various people form the basis of the sound and video projections. These remembering voices are constantly re-arranged during the performance, thus resulting in a permanently spinning kaleidoscope of different meanings. An experience that we have on a daily basis." (Yannis Kyriakides)
MusikFabrik creates exemplary interpretations of contemporary music. Characteristic of this international ensemble of soloists are its innovative, programmatic work and its autonomous organizational structure, which enable it to further develop its own ensemble sound and the musical content in collaboration with other composers and conductors.

A composition commissioned by the Musiktriennale Köln, Musikfabrik, and ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Producer: ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics, Performance: MusikFabrik Video: HC Gilje Premiere: May 17, 07, Musiktriennale Köln.
Organization / Institution

Musiktriennale Köln ; Musikfabrik