Reading the City-Choosing the City
The Flaneur in the Urban Space
Sun, October 28, 2007 11 am CET, Panel Discussion

[This event had to be canceled]

The seventh architecture day is devoted to the theme of "reading (understanding) architecture". Architecture in Alsace and in Baden-Württemberg should be made comprehensible. The program is an invitation to learn about and understand architecture’s forms and means of expression. As a close to this year’s architecture days will be a meeting of two prominent Karlsruhe (media) artists, Peter Weibel and Wolfgang Rihm, with the urban sociologist Maurice Blanc, for an exchange of ideas at the ZKM | Karlsruhe. Their perception of the city is the starting point for an animated round table, coffee house-style discussion. The main topic will be the effect of a city’s consciously laid out ground plan on the flaneur, someone who moves around the city’s space on a daily basis.

The talk will be supplemented with musical sequences by Wolfgang Rihm.

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