Waves by Poets
Wellen durch Dichter. Ondes d’après poètes. Ondas por poetas
Fri, April 25, 2008 8 pm CEST, Concert

The project "Waves by Poets", initiated by Pedro Bittencourt, is an assemblage of chamber music, electronics, poetry and video. The theme of the poems is the ocean. As transitions between the musical pieces of the evening they will be read out in the original version (French, German, Spanish and Portuguese) and accompanied by videos. A number of the videos form an essential element of the compositions, which will be interpreted by the "Ensemble Abstraï". The compositions were especially produced for this project and will be performed for the first time on this evening.

Works by Maximilien C. Jehuda Ewert (Assistant: Karl Otto Dietrich Hubertus von Oertzen), Juan Camilo H. Sánchez, Paulo Ferreira Lopes, Phivos-Angelos Kollias, Mauricio Meza (Assistant: Frederic Dufeu), Nicolas Tzortzis, Vito Zuraj, Rita Torres
Texts by António Lobo Antunes, Charles Baudelaire, Paul Valéry, Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe, Fernando Pessoa, Léon de Greiff
(French, German, Portuguese and Spanish)
Speakers Inês Calazans, Markus Hechtle, Claudia Robles, Johannes Goebel, Vincent Guillier, Luis Miguel Cintra, Joao Vilaret

Ensemble Abstraï
Voice: Carola Schlüter
Flute: Vanessa Moubarak
Saxophone: Pedro Bittencourt
Clarinet: Iván Solano
Cello: Deborah Walker
Percussion: Rie Watanabe
Conductor: Núria Cunillera Salas
Video: Katja Wahl, Sebastian Schmidt
Sound: Thomas Saur

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