Thomas Hummel: Aus Trachila (UA)
Thu, June 26, 2008 8 pm CEST, Concert
»Aus Trachila« is a one-hour work for speakers, eighteen musicians, playback, and video, in which a moment of the novel “Die letzte Welt” by Christoph Ransmayr is set to music. In this piece, Thomas Hummel implements new techniques of orchestration and sound mixing of instruments.
For many years, he has developed databases of contemporary playing techniques for the instruments (Virtual Orchestra, conTimbre) and he utilizes these for his own compositions.

The Holst-Sinfonietta is an ensemble from Freiburg that has frequently staged works from contemporary music history since its founding in association with the Young Opera Company (YOC).

Director: Klaus Simon
Speaker: Christoph Ogiermann
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