Camera Imago 1:1 (Opening)
Fri, November 28, 2008 6 pm CET, Opening
The Camera IMAGO1:1, built by the physicist Werner Kraus and the goldsmiths Erhard Hößle, is not only the largest existing camera in the world – but also the only mobile "full-body – self portrait camera". Over the past ten months it has taken up a place as part of the exhibition YOU_ser: the Century of the Consumer at the ZKM | Media Museum. Since then, around 100 life-sized self-portraits have been produced.

What is unique about this camera is that people can photograph themselves in IMAGO1:1. The camera thus offers a place for the inspection of oneself, a possibility for seeing oneself in a new light. Life-size, black-and-white photographs are produced, which, due to their special optics, are characterized by their extraordinary intensity and presence. Each portrait is a unicum – something which makes the IMAGO1:1 pictures particularly valuable. High intensity, expressive pictures are produced, which facilitate a concentrated view of the people's personality.

Susanna Kraus, Werner Kraus' daughter, has restored the camera which has been made accessible to the public. She gave the staff at the ZKM, with whom she has been working for many months, the possibility to photograph themselves in the Camera IMAGO1:1. With these pictures, produced by us, the ZKM staff, we would like to present to you the viewers, a very personal side of ourselves. Just so that you can see the people who work for you and for art in the ZKM engine room: since there is always somebody concealed behind every piece of technology.
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